Living a Life Of Significance | An Interview with Aaron Walker

March 30, 2017

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?

Too often people walk through life bouncing from one event to the next, allowing life to dictate their path.

In this episode we will talk to Aaron Walker the author of View From The Top.

Aaron is a businessman and Life Coach that has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He has over 35 years of business experience and has started 12 different businesses in a variety of industries. He has grown his latest, a Life Coaching and mentorship business, mainly by being a guest on podcasts.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively use podcasts to get more clients!
  • How to be an amazing podcast guest
  • The importance of finding the right group of people to hold you accountable
  • Why you need to learn from the challenges you’ve faced
  • How to live a life of significance


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